Schaffnit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Prenatal Massage / Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage helps to address the many soft tissue changes that occur in your muslces during pregnancy. Like other massage techniques, Prenatal Massage can relax tired, cramping, and overstretched muscles, relieve stress and routine pregnancy-related discomforts, help to regulate blood pressure and hypertension, promote healthy circulation and detoxification of tissue, and improve posture, range of motion, and well-being.

Improve Labor Outcome

Many expectant moms indicate that receiving prenatal massage therapy helped their labor outcome and eased labor pain by keeping muscles relaxed and pliable throughout pregnancy.

Expertise and Specialized Training

Our massage therapist uses modified techniques and has received additional training in prenatal massage especially designed for pregnancy related issues. Depending on the trimester, our massage therapist will use different techniques and positions - always keeping the mother and baby in optimal comfort.

Important Note:
While prenatal massage is considered safe for expectant moms with no complications, if you are experiencing complications or suspect that you are, then tell your therapist before receiving therapy. We encourage expectant mothers to provide us with a doctor’s note or midwife’s note - ensuring they know you are receiving prenatal massage therapy and you have no complications in receiving it, such as blood clots, pre-eclampsia, fever, or risk for pre-term labor. If you have questions regarding the safety of prenatal massage, please speak with your doctor or midwife. Some techniques and areas such as the ankle-area are avoided during prenatal massage.