Schaffnit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy in Our Office

In our office we deal primarily with Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic challenges. We may prescribe some rehabilitative exercises for your condition with the ultimate goal being strengthening and stabilizing the tissue that surrounds injury. Patients enjoy learning how to properly do the exercise in the office, this give them correct form to use when they are instructed to do them at home.

Physical Therapy is an Important and Integral Part of Your Therapy Program

Damaged muscles tend not be used due to two factors, injury to the tissue itself, i.e.strain, or pain. In fact, pain is an indication that you have already lost a large percent of function in the affected area.

This loss of function and disuse causes the muscle tissue to loose circulation of blood, lymph and vital nutrients needed to heal. This initiates a vicious cycle of disuse that perpetuates pain and stiffness. As this cycle continues untreated, muscle atrophy may occur.

Properly prescribed physical therapy exercises can revitalize the injured area and re-establish circulation channels for proper nourishment and removal of waste products while increasing strength and stability to the area. Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to reduce or prevent complications from injuries and can be easily integrated with Chiropractic and Massage, therapies utilizing the most recent research on core stabilization and spinal rehabilitation.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatment

  • Reduces muscle spasms so you do not have to live with tension and achy muscles.
  • Reduces soreness and pain which allows you to feel better.
  • increases flexibility making movements less strenuous and allowing more mobility.
  • Increases circulation which allows a better blood flow to your tissues.
  • Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients that makes it easy to do day to day activities.
  • Increases training effectiveness giving you the competitive edge to perform better.
  • Reduces adhesions and scar tissue allowing you to heal your injury correctly.
  • Reduces recovery time to get you back doing what you enjoy faster.
  • Reduces chance of injury by strengthening tissue, which allows your body to work at its maximal level.