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We pride ourselves on delivering the best care in the area. Here are a few of the reviews from around the internet that demonstrate our office is the Highest Reviewed Chiropractor in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lombard, Naperville, and the surrounding areas.


Great Practice! My family and I have visited Dr Blake for back, neck, wrist and hip pain. I am very active in sports and with his assistance, I am able to continue to play with very limited pain. His treatments and knowledge of physical therapy have really helped relieve my symptoms. He has a wonderful massage therapist on site as well to really work out those deep muscle knots. I highly recommend the services available at Schaffnit Chiropractic and Rehabilitation!

~ Google Reviewer

I have had Dr. Schaffnit help me with both lower back pain and a "frozen shoulder". He did such and outstanding job with my back pain that I felt confident he would do the same with the shoulder and he did. He gave in office help as well as specific exercises to do at home. I am very pleased with Dr. Schaffnit and recommend him for your chiropractic needs.

~ Bill Yelp Review

Schaffnit Chiropractic is the BEST ! I have been to many and finally found the one person that helped me move my neck and back freely for good. In addition, he is an educator. Dr. Blake wants you to strengthen everything in order to maintain the muscle in order to feel better. The last practice I went to used a Pro adjustor and did nothing but make me feel better for 20 minutes. Dr. Blake gave me the treatment and education I needed to become pain free. He said after 5 treatments I would be moving again, then to maintain I would see him once a month if I needed him. That is exactly what happened. He is the type of doctor that had a plan, educates his patients (like myself) to get to the road of recovery. I highly recommend this full practice to anyone. He has my permission to give out my phone number as a referral.

~ Diane Google Review

Dr. Blake is a good guy who is honestly interested in treating your back pain. I find him easy to talk to and I also like the fact that he gives no attitude, unlike some of the doctors I have been to in the past. If you need an honest, skilled, and very cool Chiropractor, give Dr. Blake a call.

~ review

I was a little nervous about my first massage, but as soon as I entered the office, I was greeted by very friendly and inviting staff. My massage was excellent and the massage therapist was very attentive to my personal likes/dislikes and ensured my complete satisfaction from the begining to end. I look forward to returning!

A friend of my son recommended Dr. Blake to me. I have two large dogs that had been taking ME for a walk every day. I also starting working out with weight machines without fully knowing how to use the equipment. Due to these circumstances, I did something to my neck & it became very painful just to turn my head. I was reluctant to see another chiropractor because after an initial 1st experience with one, (that I never went back to), I was a little skeptical. However, I reconsidered and made an appointment. During my initial meeting with Dr. Blake, he spent a lot of time listening to me as I explained my symptoms. He did an exam, took x-rays & was able to immediately diagnose the problem. He explained everything in detail and with diagrams so that I understood why I was having the problem in my neck. He put me on a program that included adjustments, taught me proper exercises to strengthen my neck & massage therapy to reduce soreness and pain & increase flexibility. Today I am pain free and I know how to keep the problems under control with the right exercises.

The entire atmosphere at Schaffnit Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is also very refreshing. Everyone there is so pleasant you almost feel like family after the first visit! Dr. Blake is personable and very easy to talk to. You won't be disappointed. Lina, the massage therapist, totally understands what your muscles need in therapy. You will walk out of there with a smile.

Believe me, if you ever had any hesitation about seeing a chiropractor, you will change your attitude after seeing Dr. Blake! I highly recommend him.

~ Carin

If you want to get out of pain now go to this office. Dr. Blake is simply a great doctor who is very knowledgeable and concerned about getting you better.

~ J

My shoulder has never felt better I was truely surprised what a few exercises and adjustments could do.

~ Lisa

Great family atmosphere. Would highly recommend.

~ Hilltopperfan

I went in a few months after my third son was born. My neck and upper back had a burning sensation and I was having trouble sleeping as a result of the pain. Dr. Blake used a variety of different chiropractic treatments and within a month, I felt remarkably better. I still have routine exercises and adjustments, but overall, I feel like myself again.

~ Maren